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Wood Blinds

We offer the best in-home custom wood blinds. Our blinds are installed to fit your needs and vision. Our wood blinds fit better for larger windows because of their lightweight feel. Couple that with their charming look and you have a great product!

Inspiration for your  home


Are Wood Blinds in Style?

Have you asked yourself that question before? If so, you're not alone - many people ask themselves the same thing when considering purchasing new window treatments such as Wood blinds. Styles and trends come and go every year. Sometimes adding a fresh look with Wood blinds can be exactly what's needed to make your living or working space feel stylish.

Having the perfect Wood blinds for your home or a specific room is definitely possible! All you need to do is schedule a  free in home consultation  today to figure out the best possible solution for your needs. We can help answer questions as they come up, such as "How much are wood blinds?" "What kind of curtains pair well wood blinds?" "What rooms are better suited for Wood blinds?" "What wood blinds are the best?"+ More!

We've seen the before and after for many of our clients projects when adding Wood blinds to their windows. We know how much of an impact it can have and the overall feel it can add to any room. We encourage you to reach out to us today to see what we can do for you!