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Did you know that October is National Window Covering Safety Month? An entire month focused on safety in the home when it comes to window coverings and your children. We are proud to support this initiative and offer window treatments that promote safety too!
A lot of window treatments manufactured in recent years, tend have long cords to raise or lower. Those same cords are a safety hazard for small children and pets. If you're like us, you want to keep our loved ones and pets safe when they're at home. That's why the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has made it their mission to promote safety first for window coverings and children and we do too!
Photo Credit: Window Covering Safety Council
If you are checking your window coverings for safety, here are a few steps you can do to make sure your family is safe:
  • Check each window treatment thoroughly for any cords that have been left exposed and are dangling. These are a clear indicator that they should be fixed right away.
  • Keep all furniture, including your infants cribs, away from windows that have window coverings.
  • Install a tension device to keep cords out of reach of your children.

Ensuring that you have the proper coverings on your windows is important. If you find that your coverings don't match the necessary safety standards, this means replacing all current corded window coverings in your home with cordless ones is another option.

The first question you might ask yourself is "Why should my family go cordless?"
Depending on when your home was built and the type of window coverings you have installed, it might be time to update them. A lot of older homes most likely have window coverings that are out of date. After looking at your own home, you find you have a set of older corded blinds that don't meet today’s safety standards. Preparing with safety in mind can prevent a tragedy from striking to your children and pets with loose cords.
Taking a step back, you might be thinking: "Which types of coverings are okay to use in my home?" This is the perfect opportunity to get your home updated with new window coverings! There are a variety of cordless options available from respected brands and vendors. At De-el, we offer a large selection of Blinds and Shades from Hunter Douglas that are both safe and affordable for every situation. Everything from Continuous Loop (Easyrise), Retractable (Ultraglide) and Motorized (Power View). With so many options available, safety has never been so easy!
To find out how we can help, please contact us to schedule a free consultation today!
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