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Durable, easy to maintain, and authentic, all at the same time! Our Wood Blind selection allows you to control natural light in style, proving that you never have to sacrifice form for function. These sleek blinds are perfect for enriching your home with an organic feel!



All of the style of our wood blind selection, at a fraction of the cost! These blinds, although not the authentic wood of our regular wood blinds, are so realistic that you won’t be able to tell the difference. They’re durable and easy to maintain, being one of the heavier 2” Horizontal blinds that we offer.

Faux wood blinds are here for the long haul!



Unbeatable at covering large windows and sliding glass doors, Verticals are the most ideal solution for covering extra wide areas! Never out of style, Vertical blinds are incredibly easy to clean and maintain over time. Made from your choice of PVC, Aluminium, Faux Wood, and more! Gone are the days of strictly white plastic vertical blinds!



Sometimes great things come in small packages. Take mini blinds for example! With slats only 1” wide, they do their job and they do it well. These blinds excel at controlling light, no matter what size window they’re installed into. Mini blinds can look great anywhere, and at an affordable rate no less!



These blinds are as stylish as they are safe! Naturally resistant to both heat and moisture, these blinds grant you peace of mind and look wonderful while they do it! With a selection of modern textures and styles to choose from, match your Vinyl blinds to your furniture while protecting them from UV rays at the same time!

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