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The ultimate window insulator!

Trapping air within it’s internal cells, these shades excel at keeping your house cool in the summer, and warm in the winter. Not only do they give you the key to controlling your home’s temperature, they do so in countless different styles and designs!



Available in a transparent, light-filtering, or a blackout fabric! These shades are simple and straightforward, allowing you to decide exactly how much light you let into your room. While similar to cell shades, pleated shades have only one layer of fabric folded into pleats, increasing your design options while decreasing cost!



Unleash your inner interior designer!

Roller shades are the epitome of style, coming in hundreds of different colors and designs to perfectly match the palette of any room in your home. Want to take it to the next level? Motorize your roller shades to control them at the push of a button - whether you’re home or not!



Classic yet trendy, roman shades are perfect for those looking for a shade that will stand the test of time. These shades have been around for forever, and for good reason! They’re a great, reliable option for most any room. You can never go wrong with a roman shade!



A beautiful mix between a blind and a shade, here is where you get the best of both worlds! The vanes of the sheer shade can be opened and closed like a normal blind, while the fabric filters light coming into the room. With sheer shades, you have ultimate control over your home’s privacy and light usage!



Those seeking a very grounded and natural element to add to your home will be pleased with our selection of woven wood shades! While they may not control light as well as the other window treatments, these present a very unique and organic aesthetic that no other shade can offer.



These shades are all about style. A classic design, tons of available color options, and they’re still more financially viable than ever! Our drapes offer the best in privacy and total room blackout, especially when paired with another window treatment!

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