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Somfy Controlled Window Shades - New Tech for your Home

Black and white window letting light through

Picture this - You just pulled a long evening shift at work and are completely exhausted. Keeping your eyes open is harder with each passing minute. As soon as you get home, you drop off each article of clothing as you make your way to the bedroom. Once you get to the entrance, you jump right into bed and fall fast asleep. Peace at last. No sooner do you close your eyes though, the sun starts to peek into your bedroom. As it slowly fills the dark void, the soft glow reaches your eyes and wakes you up. If you’re like me, getting out of bed to pull the shades shut manually at this point is an instant no-go. In the past, this is what you would have had to do if you wanted to go back to sleep in the comfort of a dark and peaceful room.

But, imagine the same scenario, this time you have a secret weapon. What if you had a way to stay in bed without having to move to get the shades closed? What could do this? A little something from Somfy called myLink. It’s a smart phone app that you can use right on your phone or tablet. Combine the myLink™ app with Somfy motors for your window treatments and this process just gets a whole lot easier. Say goodbye to the days of having to pull shades up or down. With the press of a button on your device, you can raise your window coverings to any desired height. Automation has never been this easy. Adding even more value is the fact that you can schedule specific times to have the Somfy motors raise or lower your window treatments. This can help regulate the temp in your home during hot days and to give added privacy when needed too.

Stack of Somfy Motors

As discussed, the Somfy myLink™ app is fantastic. In today’s market for technology, chances are there is an app that can do just about anything we need it to do. Taking that thinking even further, Somfy-powered products are compatible with Amazon’s Alexa. Instead of using your fingers to click and app, you can use your voice to raise or lower your shades. Using specific voice commands to control your Somfy-powered products is making the automation game stronger. Have you ever had your hands full or they were dirty from cooking and you wanted to pull down a shade in your kitchen? You probably had to wash your hands first, stop what you were doing and then pull the shade down. Imagine adding these products to your home and not having to stop mid stride or project just to pull down a shade. With myLink™ and Somfy-powered products, you won't have to do that ever again.

At De-el, we enjoy installing Somfy products in our clients homes & office spaces. We encourage anyone who hasn’t looked at Somfy before, to check them out. The products they continue to bring to homes and commercial spaces blow us out of the water time and time again. On their website they quote the following “We have solutions to fit all project needs, regardless of shade specifications, power or technology requirements”. With that kind of guarantee, consider contacting us today to see what we can do for you. Adding a little automation and integration to your home or office can add a lot of value to your space.

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