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2018 Industry Trends - Blinds & Beyond!

Taking off in 2017 and continuing right into 2018 are some of our industries leading trends. If your windows are in good shape, but need a different look, changing your window treatments is a great way to get them up-to-date. The best part... It’s cost-effective too! There is a growing demand for Trendy, Innovative, Fashion-Forward, and Energy Saving Window Treatments.

Here are some of the top trends to keep an eye out for in the coming months:

// Room Changing Colors, Patterns & Mood //

With so many colors out there to choose from, 2017 saw a big move towards soft neutrals, greys and beige's. You what the saying is: Go big or go home! 2018 is going big with bold colors, patterns and above all changing the mood of a room! People are trying colors that most steer away from like daring reds, gallant blues, and adventurous greens in 2018. With some colors on the softer side, curtains will be dazzling and intense with sheer panels underneath to soften them up. Window treatments are getting a little modern and more impressive, a welcoming change from the neutral tones we have become accustomed to for so many years.

In line with this year’s design trends moving forward, both vibrant & geometric pattern curtains are spicy this year. They most definitely can add just the pinch of style you need to any room if you get the right color & pattern. Since textures are also trending this year, look for curtains with various textures. Every small detail should not to be overlooked if you want to have trendy curtain décor in 2018.

// Simple Is More //

When trying to decide on window treatments, such as blinds, there are a number of simple trends people are pushing towards. Having a strong, sturdy blind is one of the top reasons for upgrading today. Many in the industry feel that this makes blinds far superior to curtains. Adding onto that argument is the arrangement aspect of new blinds. There are many different avenues to take and just about any one blind is better than the bland, dreary curtain today.

Many are also focused on the simple, private nature of blinds. Being able to darken a room for sleep or to block out the outside world to preserve your privacy is important to a lot of people. Ease of use is another layer that has seen an uptick in reasons to upgrade window treatments. With the simple press of a button on a wall or mobile device, you can lower or raise your window blinds. No more cranking or yanking to get that desired height for your blinds. Now the power is in your fingertip!

// Motorization & Automation with Window Treatments //

Paring new technology like home automation with window treatments have really propelled itself into 2018. As more and more people latch onto technology, there are always demands for more ways to make our life simpler. Merging automation & window treatments is a natural direction to look at. Add onto that the need to make the best use of space in your home and it's a no brainer. Blending this with technology as we want simplistic & convenience together is all but a dream now.

// Moving Forward //

This is an exciting time in the industry as many companies are pushing the limits of what's available today. Certainly styles change as do tastes for each generation. One thing we do know for sure is that 2018 is booming with many great window treatments. Seeing technology now and what the future holds makes it all that more exciting when you think about it. Will certain colors & patterns make a comeback next year? Will home automation become the new norm in every home, not just for window treatments such as blinds?

At least for now, we know what direction to look at.

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